Thursday, February 25, 2010

let it snow let it snow let it snow!

it's been coming down is wonderful piles, and sadly melting away too fast... but we've managed to pull a few sledding trips out of it, not too many winter hike yet this year, but plenty of sledding!

we've had such a wonderful time sharing the cold the slopes and even the hot cocoa with our amazing home-school pals.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recovery & a Fresh Start

In the aftermath of my badly needed Hernia Repair Surgury, we Engaged in a new form of Homeschooling I like to call Couch-Schooling, wherein all questions and guidance must be directed toward my immobile position on the couch, where I sat armed with my coffee, a timer & our schedule. It seemed to go so well that I have decided to, at a minimum spend our minimum reading time each day perched on the couch alongside James reading while he reads. This slight adjustment in our plans has lead to an unexpected new level of peace and contentment on my part and a shared joy of quiet reading with James.

I have reluctantly shifted back into more structure, as James seems to really like having a defined, structured schedule from day to day, we worked together to help set up when he thought each type of learning should take place in any given day & we both seem to be liking it a lot!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Wild Fun, Joy and excitement.

We celebrated our own new Holiday: Evolumas with so much new joy and a sense of real ownership! We made our very own red "evolumas" tree and designed or own "Thoughtful Evolumas" cards. We shared gifts we were glad to know came from each of us through hard work, careful thought and love, instead of giving all the credit to an autonomous fat man in a red suit, whose virtue is magic.

We are also excited to be able to share with some friends their celebration of Kwanza.

We just love celebrating this beautiful season. All the cold and snow makes us want to be together more.

We also Rang in our new year with our family's traditional meal of Sauerkraut, Kielbasa & Mashed Potatoes & a toast to the ball drop in Time Square with sparkling white grape juice.

Here's to a Fabulous, Thankful & Joyous 2010!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holidays means distractions

halloween, thanksgiving, x-mas like festivities are all swirling around our house and our minds... keeping us distracted... here are some photos:

The Fabulous Ann showed us how to make Potions!

We made Tin Can Lantern together for Kidtopia

James went as one of his favorite video game characters for Halloween: Sora from Kingdom Hearts

We performed Candy Experiments with some of our overflow booty!

James worked hard on his new Hydrogen Fueled car, which he got as a birthday gift

James also LOVED playing with this fabulous Robot which the Ever Craftastic Taffy sent him for his birthday

Friday, October 23, 2009


James and I have had so many wonderful Fall and Halloween adventures already and Halloween is a full week away.
We picked ourselves a half bushel of beautiful Golden Delicious apples @ Wassems Fruit Farm.

We attended a Splendid costume birthday party & James Create the most wonderful Frankenstein to decorate our door. He is Life size and magnificent. I have never been so glad to have allowed him to skip the leaf craft as I have this year, his creative juices got going and look what he made!

I've really been enjoying the onset of Fall, the weather turned a bit nicer, warm if a bit rainy and it is just right for a smooth transition of seasons.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being Reminded

My dear friend Melba posted a blog about the gift of parenting the other day, when I read it this morning, it gave me such a burst of recognition about what a wild whirl wind journey we've really been gifted with as parents. For all the bumps, hard knocks and questioning our own every move, we really are on the greatest ride on earth!

The more my boy lives his life like he means it, and learns more about who he really is and embraces that the more I learn how to do it too.

This morning we indulged in a little Metal & made Pumpkin Pancakes & home made Applesauce, and Played more of our amazing new video game, we had Fun and are learning in spite of ourselves.

In trying to take a more Unschooly road we've hit many a bump along the way. Mostly me, I have a lot of trouble letting go and having faith in the process, regardless of the research and the anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is the best path, at least for us.

The other day I realized that there was a way for me to give more freedom while still calming my fears about running too wild, I sat down and compiled a list for James, it turned out to be 2 columns and almost three pages of activities, games, etc that I feel totally confident about letting him do freely. I typed the list up in a font that is very simple and large enough, with enough spacing to make it easily readable, and I can just reference the list if we ever find ourselves in a lul. I am also allowing my self to impose minimums of certain subjects, Reading, Writing & Math (as they play a major role in the future ability to educate oneself), and time limits for any given activity, so we move around and change our perspective from time to time.

I'm certainly no Radical Unschooler, we have just enough structure and just enough freedom to keep us both loving or life together and learning new and exiting things all the time.

I am so in love with our new game: ScrribleNauts... it is so amazing, we all love this game & actually bargin for more time on the little Nintendo DS. This game consists of one little guy Melvin, who goes around to different situations, worlds, levels, and has to solve various problems to get this little "starite" the great catch is that he gets to use whatever tools, people, vehicles, etc you can think of, that right ANYTHING you want, you just type or write it in and it magically appears. Everyone should check this game out it is Amazing!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bounty of this Unschooly Life

I'm living in Gratitude and Joy today, and it is such a wonderful experience. I really feel like I need to revel in it. So many times I find myself all complaints and confusions, or insecurities about whether or not I am doing the right thing, but right here and right now, I know beyond any shadow of any doubt that we are in the right place and doing the best thing we can be doing for us. Our teeny tiny house just feel filled to the brim with joy and comfort and good things.

A few of those good things:

6 homegrown pumpkins + 1 Cider Mill pumpkin

1 Hot cup of coffee

1 Sleepy dog & 1 Perfect little boy playing a new game called ScribbleNauts (which the whole family has become obsessed with)

This is how we Shine